10 Tips for Spotting Tourist Traps

As the travel industry grows, so do the opportunities to take advantage and exploit tourists. Here are a few tips on how to avoid tourist traps.

Israel’s Wine Country in an Old-New Holy Land

Israel has become known for its exquisite wines only in the last two or three decades, but wine making and wine consumption in the holy land date back to biblical times.

Meet Marion from Nairobi, Kenya

Marion is passionate about travelling and showing travelers around her home city of Nairobi. Here is her CityPals Story:

Meet Katya from Kiev, Ukraine

Katya has a passion for travel, design, literature and for Mukluk shoes. Here is her CityPals story:

CityPal Michela of Tokyo Japan with Mount Fuji in the Background

Meet Michela from Tokyo, Japan

Michela is an Italian student living in Tokyo and a CityPal who can provide unique insight as a European living in Tokyo. Here is her CityPals Story:

Meet Sara from Tokyo, Japan

Originally from Australia, Sara provides CityPals tours and experiences that show the funky side of Tokyo, Japan. Here is Sara’s CityPals Story:

10 Tips for Getting Through Jet Lag

Jet lag is often not part of a travel plan. Here are a few tips on how to reduce jet lag and get through it.

Cultural Awareness When Planning a Trip to The Middle East

Some background information to avoid cultural blunders when travelling in the Middle East

Solo Traveler in Bangkok Thailand

10 Security & Personal Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

A few tips for the solo travelers who venture to explore the world on their own and meet people along the way.

10 Tips for Packing for Women Travelers

Here are a few suggestions to help women travelers cope with the dilemma of what to pack when on the road.

Our host family in Taquile Island Peru

Cultural Exchange in Taquile Island, Peru

Exploring the remote islands on Peru’s Titicaca Lake with locals.

Local Host and CityPal in Nairobi Kenya

Discovering Nairobi from a Local’s Perspective

Exploring Nairobi with a local by your side is the best way to get around and soak in the culture.

10 Tips for Surviving a Triр with Yоur Kidѕ

Life lessons and travel tips when taking kids along for the journey.