10 Tips for Packing for Women Travelers

Here are a few suggestions to help women travelers cope with the dilemma of what to pack when on the road.

Traveling can seem intimidating for many people. It is daunting to try to figure out what to pack for a week or a month without much or any prior experience in the place you aim to visit. An especially annoying thing for many women travelers is figuring out how to pack a bag within weight restrictions. Dozens of questions come to mind: Will I need this dress in that particular climate? Should I take my brand new heels?  Will it rain during my trip? Here are 10 packing tips for female travelers to make packing a little easier and less stressful:

  • Plan before you pack – Spread out everything that you think you want to pack on your bed and look carefully. When you lay your ensemble in front of you, you can see where you’ve made a mistake and can cut out the unnecessary items. You just need to avoid those items that have a slight chance of being used. Take only what you know for sure you need.
Picture of suitcase being packed by a woman

Planning what NOT TO take is harder than planning what TO take with you.

  • Wear convertible clothes and layers – Try to pack your most comfortable clothes for long travel days and long flights. Include soft cotton t-shirts, pants, and skirts with cute cuts that can be easily dressed up or down. Make sure that you pack things which can be layered easily like cardigans and wraps that you can re-wear again and again.
  • Choose the right bag and carry a tote bag with your backpack – Well, packing begins with choosing the right bag. For women, having the option of adjustable length bag is often important, as those who are more petite struggle with bags built for men. A well-designed bag will help you stay organized throughout the trip. Finally, a carry bag is preferable over a roller bag. If you take a smaller day pack sized backpack, you won’t be asked to get it weighed but if you carry a rolling suitcase as your carry-on, the chances of getting it weighed are higher.
  • Think bling – Spice up a basic outfit with compact accessories such as belts, jewelry, and scarfs. These space savers add instant color and pizzazz and can easily take an outfit from sightseeing in the daytime to parties at night.
  • Always keep extra clothing in your backpack – Once you’ve arrived and are heading out to explore your destination, tuck an extra outfit in a small backpack you take with you in case you end up getting drenched in an unexpected rainfall or other adventure.
  • Choose easy fabrics and go for spray tactic – Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics that dry quickly such as nylon, washable silk, and microfibers. Avoid cotton clothes if you can, as it easily gets wrinkled and takes a longer time to dry. However, if you can’t avoid cotton clothes, try this trick: hang the item in the bathroom while you take a shower and let the steam do its work. If it doesn’t work then go for a de-wrinkler spray which is often sold at stores inside the airport.
  • Take multipurpose items – Plenty of items in the travel market are designed to be used in more than one way. For example, a sarong can easily become a scarf, a towel, a hair wrap or a pillowcase. Similarly, you can carry a basic colored pair of leggings or jeans which you can pair with almost all your tops. When it comes to makeup, carry a multipurpose powder which can give color to your cheeks, lips as well as your eyes.
  • Toiletry hack – Rather than taking your usual large sized bottles of shampoos and conditioners, buy the travel size mini bottles available in the market. Transferring your shampoo and conditioner into these mini bottles will help you to save space. Put your toiletries in a plastic bag to prevent it from leaking all over your clothes.
  • Scale back on shoes – An easy way to gain luggage space is to reduce the number of shoes you carry. Pack one pair of heels and one pair of flats. Both pairs can be used to make pants, shorts or a dress casual or dressy. When packing, place your shoes toe-to-heel to the bottom of your luggage along the edge. Fill the empty spaces inside your footwear with fragile items kept in your socks.
Picture of a woman's legs with one leg with a sneaker and another leg with high heel shoes. what shoes to wear.

The age old dilemma of choosing between casual and/or dressy shoes

  • Wear it on – When traveling with bulky clothing items, make it a rule of wearing most space eating garments. As soon as you get on the plane, you can take off some of the layers and relax. Some people can use it for protection in chilly flight air conditioning. If you can handle being a bit warm at check in, wear as much of your luggage as you can. Stuffing your pocket is another trick. No one will really notice that your jacket is actually acting as another carry on since you are wearing it.

It’s every woman’s dream to travel with a bag with a limitless bottom. It is a talent to take only the necessary things with you when you travel. Sticking to these packing tips will definitely help you make your packing easier and your travel a hassle-free experience.

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