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Private Local Tours of Buenos Aires with Soledad - Your Local CityPal

Meet Soledad – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soledad hosts unique tours and experiences in Buenos Aires for travelers who want to explore local Argentinean culture, history, cuisine and Tango.

Picture of Andrea CityPal and local guide Barcelona Spain nightlife tours and more

Meet Andrea from Barcelona, Spain

Andrea is a one of our most successful CityPals servicing Barcelona. We asked her to share her story and tell us more about the tours she hosts in the city she loves.

Picture of Lourdes and her daughter who provide CityPals tours and experiences in Lima Peru

Meet Lourdes from Lima, Peru

“I love exploring the world and sharing my country, Peru with other explorers travelers”

Picture of Marion, a CityPal tour guide in Nairobi with with masai.

Meet Marion from Nairobi, Kenya

Marion is passionate about travelling and showing travelers around her home city of Nairobi. Here is her CityPals Story:

CityPal Katya offers private tours in Kiev

Meet Katya from Kiev, Ukraine

Katya has a passion for travel, design, literature and for Mukluk shoes. Here is her CityPals story:

CityPal Michela of Tokyo Japan with Mount Fuji in the Background

Meet Michela from Tokyo, Japan

Michela is an Italian student living in Tokyo and a CityPal who can provide unique insight as a European living in Tokyo. Here is her CityPals Story:

Meet Sara from Tokyo, Japan

Originally from Australia, Sara provides CityPals tours and experiences that show the funky side of Tokyo, Japan. Here is Sara’s CityPals Story:

Peter - A local CityPal in Los Angeles

Meet Peter from Los Angeles, California

Peter joined CityPals early on and is a big fan.  Recently, we caught up with him for a latte at a restaurant in Beverly Hills…

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