Category: Meet CityPals

Meet Marion from Nairobi, Kenya

Marion is passionate about travelling and showing travelers around her home city of Nairobi. Here is her CityPals Story:

Meet Katya from Kiev, Ukraine

Katya has a passion for travel, design, literature and for Mukluk shoes. Here is her CityPals story:

CityPal Michela of Tokyo Japan with Mount Fuji in the Background

Meet Michela from Tokyo, Japan

Michela is an Italian student living in Tokyo and a CityPal who can provide unique insight as a European living in Tokyo. Here is her CityPals Story:

Meet Sara from Tokyo, Japan

Originally from Australia, Sara provides CityPals tours and experiences that show the funky side of Tokyo, Japan. Here is Sara’s CityPals Story:

Peter - A local CityPal in Los Angeles

Meet Peter from Los Angeles, California

Peter joined CityPals early on and is a big fan.  Recently, I caught up with him for a latte at a restaurant in Beverly Hills…

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