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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for the COVID Age

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the travel industry. According to World Nomads, many countries have closed

A picture of a man tipping at a coffee shop

Tips for Traveling Tippers

How to tip (or not to tip) when traveling?

Western woman on a boat exploring the River Ganges

Traveling Local

How the local experiences trend is changing us and the way we travel.

Picture of a fake Buddhist Monk in Hong Kong Scamming a Tourist

10 Tips for Spotting Tourist Traps

As the travel industry grows, so do the opportunities to take advantage and exploit tourists. Here are a few tips on how to avoid tourist traps.

Jet lagged travelers sleeping at an international airport

10 Tips for Getting Through Jet Lag

Jet lag is often not part of a travel plan. Here are a few tips on how to reduce jet lag and get through it.

The Gold Souk in Dubai where you will find cheap gold only if you haggle for it.

Cultural Awareness When Planning a Trip to The Middle East

Some background information to avoid cultural blunders when travelling in the Middle East

Solo Traveler in Bangkok Thailand

10 Security & Personal Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

A few tips for the solo travelers who venture to explore the world on their own and meet people along the way.

Picture of a woman trying to squeeze stuff into suitcase

10 Tips for Packing for Women Travelers

Here are a few suggestions to help women travelers cope with the dilemma of what to pack when on the road.

picture of a little girl and boy waiting in car bored sad tired

10 Tips for Surviving a Triр with Yоur Kidѕ

Life lessons and travel tips when taking kids along for the journey.

Citypals - changing how the world travels

New Places, New People

How CityPals Adds a New Element to Travel

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