Meet Andrea from Barcelona, Spain

Andrea is a one of our most successful CityPals servicing Barcelona. We asked her to share her story and tell us more about the tours she hosts in the city she loves.

Here are some questions we asked Andrea, a local CityPal in Barcelona:

Tell us more about yourself, your hobbies and where are you from?

I was born in Colombia but raised in Canada. I came to Barcelona to pursue my Masters in business management. Once I graduated, I found a job on a project management team and I deal with budgets. Aside from spreadsheets and numbers, I love to travel around the world, to read, to take long walks around the city, outdoor sports and discover new trendy places (Barcelona is full of those).

Picture of Andrea who is a CityPal and tour guide in Barcelona Spain.

What brought you to CityPals and how has your experience been so far?

Since I moved here in 2016, I hosted and toured many of my friends who came to visit me in Barcelona. That’s why I joined this app. With the CityPals app, I am able show travelers around Barcelona and meet interesting people from around the world. It gives me the opportunity to share my love for Barcelona.

So far, my tours have been very successful. I like taking people to see places that you can’t find on TripAdvisor. I always try to bring travelers to places not so common or touristy and give them a good time as we explore the city together. My experiences with CityPals travelers has been very positive and I feel safe!

Picture of Andrea who is a CityPal and local guide in Barcelona Spain.

What are your favorite places to show travelers visiting Barcelona?

My favorite places are small restaurants where you can taste unique Spanish dishes while sipping vermouth or excellent local wines. I also like to walk along the beach and during summer, enjoy a cup of coffee at some of Barcelona’s amazing Chiringuitos (beach bars).

I love to take travelers to places where locals hang out. Barcelona has excellent restaurants and bars where you can have amazing food and great cocktails. My tours are for everyone; no matter if you are an early bird and you prefer to enjoy the sunrise or you prefer to discover the night scene with a local; I guarantee you will have an unforgettable time.

In one of my featured tours, I offer travelers the opportunity to exercise while seeing the city. I take my travelers for a jog around some of Barcelona’s landmarks. I think running or jogging through Barcelona is another great way to explore the city. And having a local like me join you for the run makes it a special experience.

Andrea CityPal and tour guide Barcelona Spain

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