Meet Lourdes from Lima, Peru

"I love exploring the world and sharing my country, Peru with other explorers travelers"

Lourdes is a journalist specializing in tourism. With her daughter she has a Spanish language travel blog that provides information about Peru and destinations across South America. In addition to an interest in sustainable tourism projects, she teaches at Le Cordon Bleu in Peru.

A picture of Lourdes, a local CityPal from Lima, Peru.

Here is what Lourdes had to say about herself and her CityPals experiences:

My main passion is to travel the world with my daughter Nicole.  We began with Latin America and with luck, will get to Brazil this year and perhaps to the Middle East.

“I’ve only recently joined CityPals and have already hosted my first tour. I really enjoyed meeting my first traveler who had worked on constructing many iconic skyscrapers around the world. We were able to compare and contrast architectures and he enjoyed his first visit to Peru very much.  We maximized the local experience by using public transportation and moving around the city on foot, interacting with locals.

A picture of a CityPals traveler tasting local foods in Lima Peru while on a private tour.

A local taste of Lima for CityPals traveler, Allen

Lima has many places that are off the beaten tourist trail, which is another reason I love CityPals in that it allows me to offer innovative visits to special locales. Here are some of them:

  • Lima boasts beautiful colonial mansions some of which are rarely visited but they are beautiful and unique.
  • The Rimac district has much to offer including wonderful examples of picturesque architecture.
  • Discover fabulous “huariques”- A Peruvian term for hidden eateries with rich yet cheap, locally sourced  food.
  • Catching up with owners at their restaurants or ateliers to learn first-hand how Peruvian entrepreneurs are contributing to the country’s growth.
A picture of a street in Lima Peru with local restaurants and authentic cuisine

Local food and unique art can be found in some of the less known streets of Lima.

I think CityPals provides a reliable platform for travelers who want to experience a destination with a local perspective and flavor. The initial communication with the traveler and planning the experience together insures that both host and traveler are happy and content. The connection between the local host and the traveler via the CityPals platform builds trust and this is very important on both ends.”

Picture of CityPals Louders in Lima Peru

Visit Lourdes CityPals page to book a tour or to send her a message.

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