Meet Michela from Tokyo, Japan

Michela is an Italian student living in Tokyo and a CityPal who can provide unique insight as a European living in Tokyo. Here is her CityPals Story:

CityPal Michela: I was born in an amazing area of northern Italy, very convenient to travel around Italy and Europe. I’ve loved traveling since I was a child and had the good fortune of my parents taking me to many cities in Italy and Europe. As I got older, my love for travel grew and in 2015 I decided to share my passion with the world and start a travel blog in Italian. I write about my experiences around Italy and Europe, but also about Japan, where I’ve been 4 times and to where I finally moved in 2017!

Now I’m studying Japanese in Tokyo where I also work as a copywriter and as a freelance digital content creator. I’m addicted to Japanese history and traditional culture and love strolling around the less crowded areas of Tokyo, discovering a neighborhood and trying the unusual and crazy food that you can find here.

Michela with travelers at the the Lamp at Kamarinon Gate in Tokyo

Michela with travelers at the the Lamp at Kamarinon Gate in Tokyo

It’s great when a traveler wants to try something different than a standard tour.  For example, when I guided a traveler who had already been to Tokyo who wanted to discover something special, we joined a fire ceremony at a local temple. He enjoyed the experience so much and I was so proud to be able to show him a side of Tokyo that he had never imagined. Another time, two guys visiting Tokyo for business wanted to see the craziest side of Japan, so we experienced a Maid Cafè and ate some colorful food and animal-shaped ice cream in Harajuku.

It’s always such a pleasure for me to guide travelers because everyone has different interests and stories to tell.  I am able to show them a different side of Japan, finding experiences to match each traveler’s own interests.

I especially love the area of Asakusa, strolling around and discovering the small traditional shops there. Although Asakusa is a touristic and crowded area, most people stick to the main streets. However, there is an area of Asakusa that is packed with small shops and cafès; it’s a magical atmosphere where local people go for their daily shopping and living. Another area I love is Kichijoji Park, a quiet park in the suburbs that features a lake and many lovely cafés and vintage shops are nearby. Is super cute place but full of life, loved especially by the locals.

Travelers exploring Tokyo on a rainy day with CityPal Michela

Travelers exploring Tokyo on a rainy day with CityPal Michela

CityPals helps travelers connect with people who live here and are able to share their own experience and teach things that only a local could know. A local guide can explain about daily life, first hand.  It’s a great way to meet people with different stories and backgrounds and to create new and lasting connections with travelers from around the world.

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