Meet Peter from Los Angeles, California

Peter joined CityPals early on and is a big fan.  Recently, we caught up with him for a latte at a restaurant in Beverly Hills...

Here are some questions we asked Peter, a local CityPal in Los Angeles:

So, how long have you lived in sunny Southern California?

I moved to Southern California in 1979. I was doing stand up comedy and was discovered by the head of casting of Paramount studios and he insisted I move from San Francisco to L.A., as he was going to make me a TV star.  It’s the quintessential coming to Hollywood story.

Peter - A local CityPal in Los Angeles

Peter – A local CityPal in Los Angeles

Tell me about one of your favorite CityPal experiences…

I’m a really big golf fan and I got contacted by two members of the British Presidents Cup team.  They were in town to play some matches and I got to show them around Los Angeles for the day.  It was great fun.  For a writer, meeting new people and hearing their stories is great for my work.

What in your background makes you a good CityPal?

Over the course of my career, I’ve been a standup comedian, a Hollywood screenwriter, a film producer and a bodyguard to many celebrities. I have probably seen every single street, side street and alley of Los Angeles.  This makes for a good combination of being able to show visitors all sides of the city, places they would never otherwise hear about.

As an aside, you and I are here on Rodeo Drive where several scenes from the movie Pretty Woman were shot.  And down there is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Eddie Murphy’s character stayed in the movie 48 Hours.  There is a story on every corner.

Beverly Drive with a view of the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Beverly Drive with a view of the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Because there is so much to see and do in L.A., the biggest challenge – and one I enjoy, by the way – is customizing a tour to meet a traveler’s time frame and personal interests.  It’s like having a relative who you never met come to town and you want them to just have a good time.  I appreciate the place more for this experience.

How did you find out about City Pals?

A friend of mine thought it would suit me and hooked me up.  Glad he did.

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