Meet Soledad – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soledad hosts unique tours and experiences in Buenos Aires for travelers who want to explore local Argentinean culture, history, cuisine and Tango.

I’m a true porteña, with Spanish, German, Italian and Jewish roots and heritage.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires and in my late twenties I ventured across the ocean to live for over a decade in London and Berlin, with a short romantic fling with Spain.

While in Europe, I worked for several years in the tourism business. That gave me the opportunity to travel extensively and to learn that the best travel experiences are always those shared with locals. I loved walking along the stalls of the local craft markets, tasting the local food at off the beaten track restaurants or discovering the cultural nuances of  peripheral neighborhoods.

Getting to share local Argentinean culture and experiences with my travelers is really what its all about. Soledad - Local CityPal

Getting to share local Argentinean culture and experiences with my travelers is really what its all about.

Currently, I work as a full time tour guide and I occasionally dabble in architectural work. However, my main source of income is tour guiding services. In order to prepare for my tours, and also out of interest in the subject, I read quite a lot of history. History informs us about our past but it also provides us with insight of what the future may bring to people here in Argentina and all around the world.

Soledad with travelers- She is a Buenos Aires Tour Guide and CityPal

In my scarce spare time I dabble in Tango, in all its forms: dance, singing… Oh yes! the Tango!

I’m an avid Tango Dancer.  My nightlife is often spent dancing Tango and enjoying the micro-culture that surrounds Tango dancers and enthusiasts. I love the Tango scene, the warmth of the people and the friends you make sharing this wonderful hobby (check out my Bohemian Evening Featured Tour).

Tango Tours of Buenos Aires with CityPal Soledad

Practicing new and old Tango moves with friends and Tango aficionados.

I returned from Europe to Buenos Aires in 2012 and I fell in love with the city all over again!  the culture, the urban chaos , the noise, the vibrancy, the people, and yes….the Tango.

I then decided to combine my love of the city, my desire to meet new people, and my international experience in the tourism business and become a tour guide. For the past 7 years, I have been designing and delivering tours and  experiences to travelers from all around the world. I love showing my travelers the hidden gems and the many nooks and crannies that Buenos Aires has to offer. I want each traveler to experience the city with a local point of view but with the awe and amazement of a first time visitor.

During my tours we normally walk a lot, but we do stop to rest, relax and re-caffeinate in some of the old and most iconic cafés of Buenos Aires. We also use the city’s public transportation system to hop between the different neighborhoods on my customized tours.

Buenos Aires has thousand of activities to satisfy any person’s want or interest. Its sites and monument memorialize a rich and fascinating history. BA’s markets, eateries, street art and nightlife scene infuse the city with a vibrant and unique culture.

CityPal Soledad leads street art tours in Buenos Aires

Street art in Buenos Aires is very interesting and it allows for great photo opportunities for travelers.

Buenos Aires has many parks, but only a few are listed in travel books. I personally love Parque Centenario, which is situated not far from trendy Palermo but away from the tourist crowds (see my featured tour: Off the Beaten Path).  I usually take my dog (and myself) for a run in that park. During the week, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of “Mate” (a very Argentinean type of tea) while reading a book with Leo, my dog, by my side.

On Saturdays and Sundays the park gets busy with activities and people who come to enjoy the scenery and shop at the two local weekend markets. One is a a beautiful arts and crafts market and the other, a market for practical household merchandise ranging from kitchen tools to hardware, plants and even underwear!

Drinking "Mate" with travelers and friends at one of my favorite parks in Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires CityPals Tour with Soledad

Drinking “Mate” with travelers and friends at one of my favorite parks in Buenos Aires – Parque Centenario

Of course, a foody like me knows where to find the best “Parrillas” or steak houses in town. There are may kinds of Parrillas; from the easygoing family-run joints to the more sophisticated and fancy establishments which you can find in areas like Puerto Madero.

Travelers Will, Rob, Leticia and Chris enjoying a good "parrillada" after a long day tour with CityPal Soledad

Travelers Will, Rob, Leticia and Chris enjoying a good “parrillada” after a long day tour…

I believe CityPals is a great platform that allows curios travelers to easily communicate and book local guides, who can then provide them with a local flavor of the city and country they are visiting. Knowing a local person adds value to anyone’s travel experience.

Visit my CityPals profile and lets plan and schedule your tour of Buenos Aires.

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