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How CityPals Adds a New Element to Travel

These days, more and more people are opting to travel alone. The solo traveler has become exceedingly popular, choosing to go on adventures alone rather than miss out on the world.

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As liberating as it can be to pack a bag and jet off somewhere new, unexpected and exciting, it can also get a little lonely after a few days when you have no one to explore the cuisine and sights with. Talking to yourself can only go so far, plus the locals tend to think you’re a little unhinged.

However, now there’s a glorious solution to traveling alone that allows you to link up with a personal tour guide in the city you’re visiting without having to share accommodations or spend more time than you want with them. CityPals has been making news lately because it’s truly a smart idea.

How CityPals Benefits Travelers

Maybe you’re single and just want to explore the world on your own, or perhaps you just need a weekend to yourself in another town. With CityPals, you can browse through a list of registered CityPals, friendly tour guides you pay per hour, that are available in the city that you plan to visit.

But the CityPals don’t just take you to the landmarks and typical tourist sites. They will take you to the places you want to see, but they’ll also give you the inside tour of the places that only locals would know about in their own city. It is smart because if you want a dining companion and you want to try the best cuisine in Tokyo, for example, finding the best places that aren’t heavily visited by tourists is your best bet for both quality and a value.

How Being a CityPal Benefits Locals

It works both ways too. CityPals is always looking for quality locals in every city who ove to meet new people and show them around. You get all the fun of having a guest visiting without having to provide them a place to stay. They pay you for your tour time and you get to show them what makes your city so amazing. Because every city has so much to offer, every CityPal has a different way of viewing their home city, providing a unique experience for each visitor.

What CityPals was Like for Me

Recently, I had to travel to Orlando for a business meeting. Since the meeting ended on Thursday and I didn’t have to be back in the office until Monday, I decided to stay a couple extra days and enjoy the city while I was there. Aside from Disney and Universal, I had no idea what else I should consider visiting, and with such limited time, I wanted to make the most of it. I went through CityPals and asked how the locals spend their free time.

Thanks to CityPals I discovered some amazing and unique restaurants that were much less expensive than the ones on Disney and Universal property, and I also got to explore Disney Springs, one of the few attractions in the heart of Orlando where parking is free. It is made for a fun time to walk around, shop, eat and drink while enjoying the Disney theme without paying a fortune for it. That was important to me because I didn’t have a huge budget so I wanted to enjoy as much as I possibly could without spending all my money at once.

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On my final day in town, I wanted to see something unique about Florida. My CityPal took me to a place that few tourists ever hear about where we went on a private airboat tour and saw such beauty and tranquility that I was surprised it existed just outside of all the theme park excitement. Truly, having a CityPal for my visit to Orlando made the experience much more fun. If you’re planning to travel alone, it’s a great way to essentially rent some knowledgeable company that can give you the inside scoop wherever you are. The next time I travel, I’ll definitely be finding a CityPal to connect with to give me the inside experience in that city too.

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